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Dan Comouche
General Manager

Dan Comouche is the General Manager of Porsche Irvine, one of Porsche's newest flagship dealerships in North America. With more than 30-years in the business, Dan brings an extensive background of Porsche sales and service. Our goal is clear communication, giving our clients the best options to make the right decisions. Born and raised in Southern California. Dan sold his first Porsche, a Guards Red 911 Targa in 1988. When not at work he enjoys spending time at the beach or in the mountains and desert.

Eric Ancharoff
Sales Manager

Eric has 35 years of experience in the automotive business. Porsches iconic history and heritage has built an amazing brand and loyal base of customers. The best Bart of his job is building relationships with his customers. Hearing Porsche stories and engaging with customers is his favorite aspect of the Porsche brand. His favorite Porsche is the 2011 Porsche Speedster.

Tim Tauber
Internet Sales Manager
(949) 423-3005

Claudiu Catana
Sales Manager
(949) 668-6311

Porsche passion is everlasting.

I believe Porsche represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence. Porsche builds some of the most unique and exclusive cars for the race world and yet remains accessible for anyone who wants to be a part of the Porsche experience. Whether you drive a 911 or a Macan, it always feels special and it always drives like a Porsche.

I assist in solidifying clients long or short-term dreams of ownership and its incredibly rewarding and satisfying

Bobby Chis
Sales Manager
(949) 668-6324

Bobby is from Costa Mesa and has 25 years' experience in Sales. His favorite aspect of the Porsche brand is the racing heritage that Porsche Motorsports transfers to the street cars. This is one of the many reasons that his favorite model is the GT3 RS.

In his free time, Bobby enjoys anything car-related: Attending car shows, going to races, track days, and more.

Michael Rusznak
Porsche Pro
(949) 423-3005

Michael, who lives in Aliso Viejo, is new to the automotive industry, having spent the last 35 years owning his own dental laboratory. Now that the kids are grown, he is fulfilling a dream of working around sports cars. Michael loves interacting with Porsche owners, showing them the amazing abilities and technology of Porsche automobiles. His favorite Porsche is the 930 Turbo.

Aaron Yoon
Sales Consultant

Born in Orange County, raised in South Korea, and back in California, Aaron has been in the business for over 5 years. As a car enthusiast, he enjoys spending his time with car shows and the community. One of his favorite Porsche models is the 911 50th Anniversary Edition.

Marius Ranga
Sales Consultant

Matthew Anthony
Sales Consultant
(310) 414-7324

Csaba Balint
Sales Consultant
(949) 668-6341

Csaba is from Targu Mures, which is located in the heart of Transilvania, Romania. He has 15 years of sales experience, 10 of which in the pharmaceutical industry.

Csaba is glad to be a part of the Porsche brand, as he has always been a fan of their fine combination of engineering and beauty; not to mention their extensive racing heritage.

It's hard for him to pick a favorite Porsche, but there's something about the naturally-aspirated engine and the manual transmission, so he'd choose the 911 R.

Csaba loves anything outside: from the mountains to the seas.

Geoff Fish
Sales Consultant

I love that Porsche is an attainable. Porsche perfectly integrates performance and luxury, unlike any other sportscar.

Porsche passion is a driver's personal and emotional connection to their Porsche.

Working with Porsche is by far the pinnacle of perfection.

Mason Gilchrist
Sales Consultant

Mason was born and raised in Seattle, and was struck with the Porsche bug at an early age. After his dad purchased a Cayman S, he was hooked, and knew he wanted to be a part of the legendary Porsche brand. Upon graduating from college, he decided against pursuing a career in Physical Therapy, and secured a job as a lot attendant at a Porsche dealer. In just six months, Mason worked his way up to service advisor, where he enjoyed representing the brand and interacting with its clients. But after several years there, sunny Southern California called, and he was able to continue working for the brand he'd grown to love. Throughout his time with Porsche, Mason has become a Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador, as well as a Porsche Classic Service Advisor, and counts the 550 Spyder and 911 R as some of his favorite example of the iconic marque. In his off time, you'll find him playing basketball and filming videos for his YouTube channel.

Michael Ulibarri
Sales Consultant

Porsche passion sets the bar. Seventy years of unparalleled excellence in the automotive and racing industry.

Porsche is a daily driver with the soul of a race car. Every Porsche is tested and prepared to go from the road to the race track and perform like a race car.

As a Sales Associate for Porsche every day is different. I have worked with customers who have realized a 30-year old dream of owning a Porsche and its gratifying being a part of that moment.

Mark Sternberg
Sales Consultant
(949) 668-6353

Mark is passionate about helping his customers, but at his core, he's a die-hard car nerd. He has worked in the automotive industry as a journalist, at the manufacturer level and even at one of the world's most prestigious automotive museums.


As far as he can tell, his family has been in the car business for as long as there've been cars; so naturally his roots with Porsche go back to before he was born. Here's a fun fact: If you look closely at the Porsche 944 which famously starred in Sixteen Candles, you'll notice a license plate frame which reads 'Norb Kornak Porsche.' Norb was Mark's grandfather who owned a Porsche dealership in Aurora, Ill when John Hughes shot the now-classic film.

Karen Fang
Sales Consultant
(949) 668-6356

Karen was born in LA, raised in Taiwan, and is now back in California. She's always been drawn to German cars, having 2 and ½ years' experience with BMW, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Her favorite part of being a Global Brand Ambassador for Porsche is helping all the clients find their ideal dream car.

Her favorite cars are the 911 and Panamera GTS for their mix of performance and luxury.


Ming Guo
Sales Consultant

Porsche Passion . . . there is no substitute.

Porsche is about a history and engineering effort and racecar excellence. Porsche has not only created a legacy in automotive history but a fanbase of staunch enthusiasts who love their Porsches.

I work as a Global Brand Ambassador and enjoy helping clients find the Porsche right for them.  

Michael Lin
Sales Consultant

Michael was born in Atlanta, raised in Taiwan, and has been living in the States for a number of years now. He has 7 years of experience in the automotive industry, but loves Porsche for their fascinating history.

His favorite Porsche model is a Cayman GT4 and in his free time he likes to golf, golf, and golf some more.



Kristin Kennedy
Finance Manager

Kristine Cornejo
Finance Director

Kristine has been in the automotive finance industry for 12 years, mostly with BMW but she spent a short time at Hyundai.

As a Cayenne owner, Kristine says the next Porsche will be a Panamera - the family sports car.

Born and raised in California, Kristine loves the outdoor lifestyle that California has to offer. She is married and has a two-year-old daughter and spends her vacations traveling.



James Holman
Service Advisor

Denise Lewis
Service Manager
(949) 668-6330

Denise is an OC local with 33 years' experience in the automotive industry as well as having lived in OC for 30 years.

One of her favorite things about Porsche is the enthusiasm our guests have about the brand. She is very excited to grow with such an amazing brand.

She is eager and looking forward to leading our Service team here at Porsche Irvine.


Natasha Opperman
Service Advisor
(949) 423-3005

Thomas Nerhus
(949) 668-6334

Thomas is an OC native and married with two wonderful adult sons.

After working 20+ years in management for a high-end dealership, he has decided to expand his horizons and continue his career in the automotive industry. He has worked with other prestige automotive brands such as Mercedes Benz and BMW. He has always been interested in the performance and design as well as style an innovation on Porsche vehicles, which is what brought him here.

He got the opportunity to drive his older brother's 924 and later in life, he purchased and restored his own 914. He is currently a fan of the Targa for its phenomenal performance.

Thomas's time away from work is spent working on vintage Chevy trucks, bike riding near the beach, camping with friends and family, and many other outdoor activities.

Jon Lewis
Service Advisor

Porsche passion is only accepting the best. . . no compromise.


My favorite Porsche is the 959. It was the first road car to have adaptive suspension and tire pressure monitoring - incredible feat in 1986. I also love the fact the Porsche will never adapt to a push button start like the other car makers. Porsche will always have a turn key start an essential element to the driving experience. 


I love my job. I get to represent the best brand and interact with passionate Porsche customers. I have spent 23 years in the highline automotive industry. I'm thrilled to be part of the exciting future of Porsche.



David Marriott
Parts Manager
(949) 668-6355