Meet The Porsche Irvine Team

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  • Dan Comouche
    General Manager

    Dan Comouche is the General Manager of Porsche Irvine, one of Porsche's newest flagship dealerships in North America. With more than 30-years in the business and nearly all of those with Porsche, Dan brings an extensive background of Porsche sales and history.

    Born and raised in Southern California. Dan sold his first Porsche - a Guards Red Targa - in 1988 and as they say, the rest is history. He spent a short time at Lexus of Cerritos as the General Manager before coming over to Porsche Irvine.

    When he's not at work, he enjoys traveling abroad and spending time in the mountains and the desert - preferably if it involves fishing and dirt bikes. Dan is married with two sons.

    He is thrilled to be back with Porsche and to lead the team at Porsche Irvine where his vision is to build unique and personalized Porsche's to the exact specifications of each customer, while providing an exceptional customer experience.

  • Kristine Cornejo
    Finance Manager

    Kristine has been in the automotive finance industry for 12 years, mostly with BMW but she spent a short time at Hyundai.

    As a Cayenne owner, Kristine says the next Porsche will be a Panamera - the family sports car.

    Born and raised in California, Kristine loves the outdoor lifestyle that California has to offer. She is married and has a two-year-old daughter and spends her vacations traveling.

  • Veronica Osmers
    Customer Experience Manager

    Porsche passion is the ultimate. It just doesn't get any better.

    Porsche sets the mark for others to follow. They blaze the trail and the only one they compete with is themselves. From the legacy of the iconic rear-engine 911 to the launch of the fully electric Taycan a currently in the works, Porsche is constantly pushing the threshold of excellence.

    I love my job and I am constantly looking at ways to improve the customer experience of all our clients. It's very rewarding engaging with our customers who share their enthusiasm for their individual Porsches and the story that brought them to Porsche for the very first time.

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  • Mitchell Merten
    Sales Manager

    Porsche brand is like no other. I didn't understand Porsche until I owned my 718 Cayman. The handling, power and sheer joy in driving was born. Every day I get an instant shot of adrenaline on my way to work.

    Porsche passion is driving perfection. It just doesn't get any better than this.

    Our goal is to provide a peerless customer experience from start to finish. It is the greatest and most exciting manufacturer.

  • Frank Hirahara
    Sales Manager

    Frank started his career in the surf, skate and snowboarding industry but soon the automotive industry grabbed his attention, and he has been an enthusiast ever since. With more than 17 years in the luxury and high line automotive brands, Frank has worked with Mercedes and BMW and has now embarked on Porsche. He is excited to be a part Porsche Irvine and counts the lava orange GT3 among his favorites.

  • Maria Perez-Castillo
    Service Manager

    Maria started her automotive career, more than 15-years ago with BMW, where she worked at all levels of the service side of business. Last year she moved over to Newport Porsche in Service and most recently came on board as the Service Manager at Porsche Irvine. Her favorite Porsche is the Miami Blue GT2 because the color is stunning and the awesome engine sound of the GT2 is just too special.

    Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her family at Disneyland. She spoils her dogs - German Shepherd and Labrador - with regular adventures to the dog beach and long hikes.

    Maria is excited to be part of the Porsche Irvine team and to welcome orange county Porsche owners to service at our dealership.

  • Lee Kennelly
    Parts Manager

    Lee started his career in the automotive industry 20 years ago, at a General Motors dealership in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As his career progressed, so did his love for German luxury automobiles, and he moved to a position with Audi North Shore, where he eventually became parts manager.

    After a decade and many accolades there, Lee chose to further his career by accepting the position as parts manager at Audi Newport Beach. But less than two years later, an opportunity came along to manage one of the most iconic brands in the automobile industry-Porsche. Lee jumped at the chance, and looks forward to meeting and assisting customers at Porsche Irvine.

    On Sundays, you'll find this huge Formula 1 and MotoGP fan in front of the television, watching the action and cheering on Italian hero Valentino Rossi.

  • Claudiu Catana
    Finance Director

    Porsche passion is everlasting.

    I believe Porsche represents the pinnacle of automotive excellence. Porsche builds some of the most unique and exclusive cars for the race world and yet remains accessible for anyone who wants to be a part of the Porsche experience. Whether you drive a 911 or a Macan, it always feels special and it always drives like a Porsche.

    I assist in solidifying clients long or short-term dreams of ownership and its incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

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  • Jason Williams
    Sales Associate

    Porsche passion is life changing. It's the pinnacle of automotive perfection.

    There are so many reason Porsche is an exceptional brand but two that really stand out - heritage and engineering design elements - the iconic 911 that is still in production and on the road is a testament to these ideals of Porsche. Where most manufacturers abandon and move on from old designs, not Porsche. They stand out among the crowd and work tirelessly to improve on what they know.  

    My dream car is a 911 Turbo S which is the apex of performance and luxury.

    I work as a Global Brand Ambassador where I match the perfect Porsche to the needs and desires of each customer. Our client base is extremely diverse, but they all come together for excitement and passion for the brand.

  • Charles Alderman
    Internet Sales Associate

    Charles has been in the automotive industry for five-years but his passion is Porsche. While he loves his BMW M3 he has his sights set on a 997.2 GT3 in British Racing Green. He loves the raw sound of the GT3 and its evolution to becoming a modern classic race car.

    He was born and raised in California and excited to join the Porsche Irvine team. In his free time, he loves to travel and be near the ocean combining his other hobby of photography where he captures all his travels.  

  • Michael Ulibarri
    eCom Sales Consultant

    Porsche passion sets the bar. Seventy years of unparalleled excellence in the automotive and racing industry.

    Porsche is a daily driver with the soul of a race car. Every Porsche is tested and prepared to go from the road to the race track and perform like a race car.

    As a Sales Associate for Porsche every day is different. I have worked with customers who have realized a 30-year old dream of owning a Porsche and its gratifying being a part of that moment.

  • Emmanuel Anaim
    Sales Consultant

     I love that Porsche has always stayed true to their heritage and craftmanship of design. We focus on quality and refine it to a piece of art - sportscar perfection.

    Porsche passion is that sudden rush of excitement when you take a sharp turn and excel. It's thrill, speed, handling and control synthesized into one rush of an emotion.

    As a Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador, I get the opportunity each day to build a relationship with clients over cars with rich history and yet new designs. Porsche owners are not your typical car buyers and owners. They are loyal and committed to the brand and it makes selling them enjoyable.

  • Ming Guo
    Sales Consultant

    Porsche Passion . . . there is no substitute.

    Porsche is about a history and engineering effort and racecar excellence. Porsche has not only created a legacy in automotive history but a fanbase of staunch enthusiasts who love their Porsches.

    I work as a Global Brand Ambassador and enjoy helping clients find the Porsche right for them.  

  • Michael Smith
    Sales Consultant

    Born and raised in Queens, New York. I recently relocated to Irvine, California from NY to pursue my dream of a better quality of life after falling in love with the California vibe. I believe in chasing your dreams and hard work. I got started in the automotive world after leaving my full time job in Marketing to pursue my passion for cars as a client advisor with BMW. I have always wanted the opportunity to work for and own a Porsche so I am grateful to be apart of the team here in Irvine. Some of my past favorite cars that I have owned- 240z, Supra, F80 M3, but I currently daily drive a 1991 Acura NSX, manual of course! I would love to someday have the opportunity to own a GT3. Looking forward to spreading my love for cars and providing my customers with an experience unlike anything they've positively experienced before.

  • Aaron Yoon
    Sales Consultant

    Porsche passion is culture. Culture to imagine, culture of exceptional craftmanship, a culture of racing performance.

    Porsche focuses on experience and personalization for each customer. It a timeless brand because everyone appreciates and loves the past, present and future of the Porsche.

    One of the truly amazing aspects of Porsche is the community. The customers and fan race base are loyal enthusiasts. I feel very fortunate to be part of assisting customers build their Porsche to their specifications and take ownership of that Porsche months later.

  • Geoff Fish
    Sales Consultant

    I love that Porsche is an attainable. Porsche perfectly integrates performance and luxury, unlike any other sportscar.

    Porsche passion is a driver's personal and emotional connection to their Porsche.

    Working with Porsche is by far the pinnacle of perfection.

  • Michael Lin
    Sales Consultant

    Born in Atlanta, he moved back to Taiwan at the age of seven and then returned to California in 2011. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Michael has worked for BMW the last five years but is excited to be a part of the Porsche Irvine Team. His favorite Porsche is the Panamera 4s. When he's not working, you can find Michael golfing at one of our beautiful golf courses here in Orange County.

  • Kathleen Acab

    A nurse by trade, she is excited to be a part of the Porsche Irvine team to share her love and enthusiasm for cars and the Porsche brand - her favorite is the Panamera.

    Kathleen developed a love for cars at a very young age. Her dad would frequently talk about all the European brands, especially the German ones, and eventually gave her an E30 3-series BMW as her first car.

    In her spare time, she enjoys auto-crossing and driving down windy roads, in search of fun and challenging roads. She is happily married to her husband, Allen, and has six awesome children and the best bulldog ever.

  • Guy Johnson
    Customer Care Specialist

    Guy has been a Porsche enthusiast since he was 14 years old. He decided to come out of retirement for the opening of Porsche Irvine because of his love for the brand. He is a member of Porsche Club of America and gets a rush driving on the track and doing autocross.

  • Laura Zinn
    Service Appointment Coordinator

    Laura has 15 years of customer service experience and just under 4 years' experience in the automotive industry. She recently moved over from BMW where she worked for almost 4 years.

    Laura loves the outdoors - desert, beach, mountains and spending time with her family.

  • Mason Gilchrist
    Service Advisor

    Mason was born and raised in Seattle, and was struck with the Porsche bug at an early age. After his dad purchased a Cayman S, he was hooked, and knew he wanted to be a part of the legendary Porsche brand.

    Upon graduating from college, he decided against pursuing a career in Physical Therapy, and secured a job as a lot attendant at a Porsche dealer. In just six months, Mason worked his way up to service advisor, where he enjoyed representing the brand and interacting with its clients. But after several years there, sunny Southern California called, and he was able to continue working for the brand he'd grown to love.

    Throughout his time with Porsche, Mason has become a Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador, as well as a Porsche Classic Service Advisor, and counts the 993 C4S in Guards Red and 991 GT3 RS in Riviera Blue as some of his favorite example of the iconic marque. In his off time, you'll find him playing basketball and filming car videos.

  • Victor Morillo-Delerme
    Service Advisor

    Victor spent the first 14 years of his life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been going to car shows for his long as he can remember. Since his father is an avid Porsche fan, he naturally gravitated toward Stuttgart's handiwork, and spent many hours talking with their owners.

    As the years went on, his admiration for automobiles turned into a love of driving, and ever since he passed his driver's test, all he's wanted to do was to be in the driver's seat of a performance machine. Shortly after starting as a lube technician at 17, Victor became an ASE certified technician, and then a shop foreman, before he moved into management.

    He began working for Porsche after relocating to Southern California, and he's thrilled to provide customers not only with excellent, trustworthy service, but confidence in their investment. In his off time, he enjoys road racing, and counts the 993 Turbo S and 991 GT3-manual, of course-among his favorite Porsches.

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Porter - Sales

  • Sean Loh
    Product Specialist

    Porsche passion is obsession and effort towards achieving a singular goal.

    My earliest memories are of riding around in my Father's 1983 Guards Red 911 Cabriolet. It left a last impression that remains today.

    What is special about Porsche is their focus on providing the best driving experience possible.

    My role at Porsche is as a Product Specialist, I get to teach people all about their new Porsches when they take delivery.


  • Danny Santos
    Sales Manager

    Porsche Passion is craftmanship with uncompromised track testing executed to perfection.

    All you need to look to is Porsche's history and the racing history is legendary. My favorite Porsche is the GT2-RS and they simply make the best built cars in the world.

    My job is to make dreams come true whether it's your first Porsche or your tenth Porsche.

  • Bobby Chris
    Sales Consultant

    Porsche passion is unique, original and uncompromising perfection.

    I have been a fan since I was young child seeing my first 930 Turbo. Their legendary race cars have kept me a fan into adulthood as they have dominated throughout the years.

    I get the pleasure to work a dream job with the best brand of cars on the market. Having been in the automotive industry for more than 20 years, Porsche has always been the brand to attain to and it hasn't disappointed yet. It keeps the childhood dream alive and delivers.

  • Brandon Sink
    Sales Consultant

    Porsche passion is unsurpassed quality.

    Porsche represents the highest quality and performance. The expert engineering in testing Porsches on the track but designing them for the road is that much more that sets Porsche apart from other brands.

    My dream Porsche is the Cayman GT4 because of the aggressive style and mid-engine placement where control and agility equals perfection.  Owning a Porsche is like owning your very own rollercoaster.

    My goal is to help each customer design, build and find the Porsche that fits their needs.

  • Ryan Wiederspahn
    Porsche Certified Silver Technician

    Porsche passion is a childhood dream that never goes away and is often realized one day. It's a dream that started when I was boy.

    My dream car hands down is a Porsche 981 Boxster Spyder.

    I love Porsche history where the goal is speed and performance. Testing on the race track and weaving technology and passion into their cars for everyday driving.  I especially love the way Porsche's light up at night with their subtle interior light and distinctive headlights.  

    I have loved Porsche my whole life and I believe that if I am going to work on cars I want to work on cars that I love most. Apart from being a race car driver, I have the best job. I get to experience so many amazing unique Porsches that I would never get to own in a lifetime.

  • Keiffer Webb
    Service Appointment Coordinator

    Porsche passion is elegance and build quality.

    I love the recognition of the Porsche brand. It provides a true driving experience that I have found to be unmatched.

    I provide exceptional customer service in scheduling service appointments. I work for Porsche because it's the pinnacle of automotive sales. It's simply an unmatched company on both quality and craftsmanship and I love that I represent them.

  • Jon Lewis
    Service advisor

    Porsche Passion is only accepting the best, no compromise.

    My favorite Porsche is the 959. It was the first road car to have adaptive suspension and tire pressure monitoring which was an incredible feat for 1986.

    Porsche is special because of its rich racing heritage and that every model is built to be driven on the racetrack.

    I love my job as a Service Advisor. I get to represent the best brand and interact with so many Porsche enthusiasts. With over 20 years in the automotive industry, I am excited to be with Porsche.

  • David Traino
    Porsche Certified Goldmeister Technician, Team Leader

    Porsche passion is legendary in motor racing that is still racing on.  

    Long distance racing with the 917, the 935 Turbo and the 911 Carrera RS and the success of 939, 956, 962 is the stuff of legends. The 917 remains my all-time favorite.

    Porsche is now in its seventh generation with the 911. As one of the few rear-engine cars still in production. It remains as a top contender still to this day which is an incredible legacy and accomplishment.

    I have the pleasure of earning a living by what started as a hobby and still after 30 years have a passion for servicing Porsches. Porsche continues to produce new and amazing cars pushing performance to its highest limits with ever new model.  Porsche is a combination of dream car and great job satisfaction for me.

  • Walter Campos
    Porsche Technician

    Porsche Passion means race car.

    My dream Porsche would be a 930 - a race car for the streets. No other car has the feeling of driving a true race car like a Porsche.

    I have worked with many other manufacturers and I love how Porsche's are a true driver's cars - the best brand in automotive by far.

  • John Mayhew
    Porsche Certified Silver Technician

    Porsche passion is over-steer perfection.   

    I love Porsche's out of the box thinking - rear engine, air cooled (until the late 90's), electrified hybrid, luxury sport mentality.

    Porsche sets the standard by customizing sports cars on the track for every day driving.

    My job is to repair Porsches - all makes, models and builds. Every day is new and every day I get to see some truly amazing Porsches. As a Porsche technician I provide bumper to bumper service so each Porsche is given complete attention and service by one technician. Every day is new and different.

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